StoryClub Games is where imaginations run wild! We provide products that create experiences where people connect and get to know one another better, stretch their imaginations, and have loads of fun. Our first game, Girls’ Night, is a hilarious party game and is currently available. It has been touted as “Sex and the City meets Book Club.” Story Craze, our new story creation game, was created with kids, for kids 7+. It will debut on Kickstarter springtime 2016!

The Crazy Story Game is a fun story creation game where imaginations run wild! Played in teams using wacky PEOPLE, PLACES and THINGS cards to develop outrageously funny, laugh-out-loud, 3-chapter tales! Story Craze was created by kids, for kids 7+! Coming to Kickstarter Spring 2016!

“Funny, Unpredictable and Outrageous!” Girls’ Night StoryClub has reinvented girls’ night and will spice up any get together. We start your stories, but you and your friends add the twists and turns to create crazy adventures.  It’s a party filled with laughter, connection and creativity. For adults 18+. Grab yours today! $29.95