Top Activities For Kids To Express Themselves: Teach Self-Confidence, Independent Thinking & Creativity

When children are in safe, nurturing environments, they feel more comfortable to express themselves. Self-expression of wants and needs along with sharing ideas and feelings is important for social, emotional, and mental growth. What can you do to foster self-expression of your child? Here are some of the top activities for kids to express themselves!

The Power Of Artistic Expression

  • Art. Consider letting your children explore a number of artistic mediums and perhaps designating an art area in your home with sufficient supplies. Provide things like drawing pencils, crayons, markers, paints, brushes, clay, art kits, assorted paper, an art smock, easel, etc. Encourage drawing, coloring, painting, sculpting, and arts and crafts to help them find what allows them to best express themselves. Then talk about their finished products and display them with pride!
  • Drama. Theater invites kids to create characters with voices and (optional) costumes. A large trunk or box filled with old clothes, shoes, jewelry, and wigs is guaranteed to entertain and to entice children to creatively role-play. Encourage a puppet show with hand-made sock or paper bag puppets or even a skit production. Charades is a great activity to teach non-verbal expression as kids act out (without speaking) different animals and sports, longer scenarios, or guess television shows, books, and movies.
  • Music & Dance. These are great activities for kids to express themselves through voice, instruments and movement. Listen to songs together and put simple actions to the beat, or make your own percussion instruments out of pot lids, pie tins, and coffee cans.
  • Creative Writing. Children can use writing for a purpose: a thank you note for a gift or a vest from relatives, a diary or journal to detail a family trip or important event, or a story filled with their zaniest ideas. Offering children writing prompts or showing them how to add different endings to a given story are ways to stretch their thinking and writing. Pencils, gel pens, unlined/lined paper, notecards, and stationery support spontaneous writing and, in turn, the free expression of your child!

Play As A Form Of Expression

Play is a child’s natural medium for self-expression−Virginia Axline, psychologist

No doubt children love to play… whether with building blocks, making sand castles or playing a game. It’s important to let children have time to play away from the rat-race of everyday life and the bombardment of television and electronics. It’s equally important to encourage outdoor play for the benefits of exercise, sunshine, and fresh air along with recreation and sports play to develop social skills, communication, and teamwork. As kids play and interact with each other, they can learn to improve their communication skills and find new ways to express who they are.

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