Top After-School Program Games & Activities For Kids

Most kids will tell you they like playing and they like games. So maybe it’s a no-brainer that after-school programs should offer opportunities for kids to play, especially after a long day of studying. But we’re talking “real play time” here—no television, computers or video games. For some great ideas, here are seven of the top after-school program games for kids!

#1 – Sardines

Who doesn’t like hide-and-seek? This version of the classic game has one person hiding while all the others “seek”. When the person is found, the “finder” hides with them until another person finds the group and so on. The game continues until all players are found hiding together—yes, packed together like sardines!

#2 – Hopscotch

For a twist to the popular game, you’ll need a hard surface, chalk, stones, and a small bouncing ball. First, mark off a hopscotch court and write one category (animals, cars, sports, etc.) in each square. Players put their stones in the first square and take turns hopping through the court. They bounce the ball and name something that fits in the category in each square. No answers are repeated in the same round. After going through all the squares, their marker is placed in the next square and they name things from that category. The goal is to finish all the categories.

#3 – Loop The Hoop

You’ll need a hula hoop and a stopwatch. The kids stand in a circle and hold hands. To start, the hula hoop dangles from one person’s arm. That player has to step through it and slide it along their arm to the next person’s arm. The game is over when the hula hoop goes around the entire circle without the kids letting go of each other’s hands. If the circle breaks, it’s time to start over and try again! This is a great activity for building teamwork and communication!

#4 – Bent Out Of Shape

This racing game has kids twisting their bodies into all sorts of shapes. You will need two pieces of rope for each set of partners. Place the ropes on the ground about 15-20 steps apart. The kids stand side-by-side behind one rope, spread their feet apart, and bend down to grab their feet. They walk as fast as they can to the finish line (the other rope), while holding their feet. But if someone loses their grip or falls over—they start over! Each round of the race, a different command for a new pose is called out—i.e. “hop on one leg!”

#5 – Scavenger Hunt

There are many variations of this fun game. Besides merely looking for objects like the traditional game requires, try challenging the kids in your after-school program to find objects that start with various letters, a certain number of things, or different colored items. Give each group a list to note what was “spotted” and “where”. Limit the area and searching time before calling them back to share their findings.

#6 – Towering Towers

Give 2-dozen plastic cups to each group of students. They are to build the tallest tower within a set time period. Then, each group talks about their construction and teamwork strategy. For variations, provide added supplies: masking tape, paperclips, rubber bands, a ruler, string, a pair of scissors, and clothespins.

#7 – Story Craze

This new creative writing and storytelling game has kids use random People, Places, and Things cards as prompts to create three-chapter stories. Each round, a Judge player will decide who had the best story according to the Judge card. Something crazy fun happens when you mix a group of kids and their ideas. They create unique stories and eagerly share them out loud! This fun game also helps to build important skills like communication, team building, problem solving, creativity and more!

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