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Unicorn Wins Election 2016!

History has been made! Unicorn was elected President! On the first day as President, the White House lawn began growing colorful sparkles. The Secret Service agents wore pink ties and sunglasses that Unicorn spotted on Pinterest. Unicorn went to play golf (because that’s what presidents do) with the Vice President but their golf cart got […]

Ellen Stebbins Joins StoryClub Games, LLC

Marcie Jacobs, Chief Story Starter and Founder of StoryClub Games, LLC announced that Ellen Stebbins has joined the company as Partner and Chief Operating Officer. StoryClub Games, LLC is a Charleston-based company that develops tabletop and online games where the unexpected is to be expected. Their vision is to connect the world in more meaningful and amusing ways.

Ellen is responsible for corporate strategy, operations, financial planning and analysis and digital marketing. “Her ability to orchestrate every facet of the company’s structure as The Maestro is what she does best,” says Jacobs.


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