Ellen Stebbins Joins StoryClub Games, LLC

Tweet: @ellenpstebbins JOINS @storyclulbgames as PARTNER & COO http://bit.ly/stebbinsCOO

Ellen Edited & CroppedMarcie Jacobs, Chief Story Starter and Founder of StoryClub Games, LLC announced that Ellen Stebbins has joined the company as Partner and Chief Operating Officer. StoryClub Games, LLC is a Charleston-based company that develops tabletop and online games where the unexpected is to be expected. Their vision is to connect the world in more meaningful and amusing ways.

Ellen is responsible for corporate strategy, operations, financial planning and analysis and digital marketing. “Her ability to orchestrate every facet of the company’s structure as The Maestro is what she does best,” says Jacobs.

Through her professional experience, ability to see connections and opportunities and her get things done attitude, Ellen is a dynamic influencer. Her journey began with an impressive 10-year career as Assistant VP and Certified Financial Planner with Merrill Lynch in Boston. But in 2004, the Carolinas beckoned her back and her entrepreneurial spirit kicked into high gear. Ellen is well known around Charleston as The Connector because she is a master at seeing opportunities for put interesting people together that make beautiful things happen the world. “She believes that connecting and genuine relationships are the keys to living a successful life…which is what our company is all about,” said Jacobs.

“I am honored to work with Marcie Jacobs and help bring her creative ideas to fruition. I am very excited about the future of StoryClub Games”, said Stebbins.

In 2010, StoryClub Games, LLC released their first game, Girls’ Night, a stellar party game touted as Sex and the City meets Book Club. It is an experience where friends gather to escape real everyday life drama and create a fantastical story together. The company is currently developing new tabletop and online games that connect millions of people while creating ab-spasm, tear dripping, OMG stop-it-my-face-hurts laughter. They are working with a tech team that has over 20 years of software development experience and will be launching their first two IOS apps in 2016. Their first App is designed to liven up your social media streams and whip your posts into smile cracking submission. Their technology team uses the word ‘epic’ when they speak about the new technology they created for our second App that is going to add an entirely new dimension to competitive MMOs.