4 Crazy Youth Group Game Ideas

In general, youth group games are loads of fun while offering some other benefits as well. The right games can help to encourage interaction and build relationships while creating an opportunity to release energy in a positive way. There are thousands of great youth group games. But which ones are the best for indoors? If you’re stuck on ideas, don’t worry. Here are some of our favorite fun and crazy youth group game ideas!

Two Extremes

This popular game is a simple ice breaker that gets kids up and about. Kids share their views on topics and get to know more about everyone. Two Extremes is especially ideal for a group meeting for the first time or if there are new kids to the group. Here’s how to play:

First, create an imaginary line across the room. The players move to a point on this line to show how they stand on a specific issue. For example, move to the left-side of the room if you prefer strawberry ice cream and to the right-side if you prefer chocolate fudge. If there is no strong opinion, the player stands in the middle. After everyone picks a position, say another set of extremes and everyone moves again. Other examples: get up early or sleep in, go to a double-feature movie or a rock concert, eat sweet foods or salty foods, enjoy fall or spring, value money or happiness, etc. Choose something whacky to trigger some hilarious conversations!

A Fun Twist To Musical Chairs

This version of musical chairs is unique because there are no chairs to set up! Like the normal game, it has the kids spread out and walking around in a room while listening to some music playing. But when the music stops, a direction is called out—i.e. “groups of three” or “groups of five”. Everyone must make a group of that number as quickly as possible. Any kids who don’t get into a group are out. The music continues until the last two kids are standing. This fun game is classified as a team-building game. It’s designed to help the group form bonds and become cohesive while learning to listen to and follow instructions closely.

Find Your Pair

For a fun energizer to get kids moving and laughing, try Find Your Pair. First, see how many kids there are and divide by two. If there is an odd number, an adult can join in. Then think of different animals and write them down on slips of paper. For example, if there are 16 kids, write down 8 different animals (each animal is used twice). Have the kids pick a slip of paper and not show anyone. They move around the room with their eyes closed or tie a bandana over their eyes. Now, for the fun part. Everyone makes their animal noise. The goal is for the kids to find their pair by listening for the right sound! This is really a crazy youth group game!


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