4 Powerful Creative Thinking Activities For Children

Never Just A Stick

This is a great creative thinking activity for children during a walk through the park or around the neighborhood. Point to different objects and say, “A stick is never just a stick. What else can you do with this?” This question will prompt your child to start using their imagination to come up with the different ways they could use the stick. They might pretend it’s a sword that needs to be freed from a rock to slay a dragon—or maybe it’s a shovel to uncover a buried treasure! If you do this exercise often, you’ll find your kid initiating the game and thinking of more creative ways to use the random objects. This activity is an exciting way for kids to use their minds and get really inventive.

Play Dress Up

Dressing up is an activity that people of all ages and especially kids love to do. Have your child search around the house for different articles of clothing, odd hats, oversized glasses, and glamorous jewelry. You can also head to their grandparent’s closet or a local thrift store for some wacky apparel! Kids love to dress up and pretend to be someone else. Kids will use their imaginations as they mimic a teacher, chef, or even you. Try to give them a really fun character to portray, and they can really let their creativity loose! In the costume, your child can try to get into the character’s mind and feelings too. Dress up is a fun and classic game that helps promote creative thinking and an understanding of others.

Flat Stanley

The Flat Stanley Project is popular in many schools across the country. Using the character and books as inspiration, your child can write letters to family, friends and other pen pals around the world. Start by taking pictures of Flat Stanley next to local landmarks and writing about what he does every day before sending him away to the other participants. Then, that person will do the same and send Flat Stanley back to you. As you receive news of Flat Stanley’s adventures and locations, use this information to map out where he is, so that your child can keep track of him. Keep your kid regularly engaged with Flat Stanley, his location, and his activities to develop their understanding of the world and imagination further. Using the photos and notes, your child can create an adventure story in their minds for Flat Stanley!


It’s not a secret that kids love to tell and listen to stories. Storytelling is one of the top creative thinking activities for children. If you really want to get the wheels in your child’s mind turning and expand their creativity, inventing and sharing stories can be a great way to help unlock their imaginations! So why not make a game out of it to have even more fun?

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