Fun Writing Activities For Struggling Writers

Make Writing Fun!

There are dozens of reasons kids struggle with writing, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t encourage them to write. After all, writing is a form of self-expression and a necessary skill to convey feelings, thoughts, and ideas. And as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the National Education Association’s Read Across America program, there’s never been a better time to help promote literacy. Here are some fun writing activities for struggling writers that can help to motivate them!

Who Is A Struggling Writer?

There are several things that could keep a child from writing effectively. They may have difficulty getting their thoughts down on paper, stumbling to generate ideas. Maybe they feel like they lack experiences to write about, have a limited reading background, or a low familiarity with vocabulary. Perhaps grammar and language barriers are hampering their progress. Whatever the reason, adding a little fun to the equation can be a great way to get the creative juices flowing. Let’s take look at some activities to support struggling writers.

Generate Ideas

Sometimes writers get stuck because they simply don’t know where to start. One helpful strategy is to help the child generate an initial idea with a simple prompt. For a child, you can try things that are geared toward their interests, like My Favorite Toy, What I Like to Do in the Summer, or My Best Friend. With a little help at the start, most children should be able to think of something to write or even have several ideas to write about. Remember, it’s important to support and guide their ideas, not to discourage thoughts or judge them.

Develop A Story Map Or Storyboard

Another great activity for struggling writers is to create a storyboard. Write down ideas for the beginning, middle, and end of a story—simple bullet points are fine here. You can then use this map to guide your writing. This is helpful, because it takes stress out of the writing process. Once a child sees that they can generate ideas on their own, they may be more ready to begin writing. Plus, once they get started, they’ll have a resource to look back to if they get stuck.

One fun way to build a story map is to put the topic in the middle of your paper and draw lines out like a wheel for who, what, where, and why. Then these sections are filled in to help build the story. Another fun writing activity for struggling writers is to draw the different parts of the story and then write underneath each drawing so the pictures guide the writing. This can be helpful for children who like to express themselves visually.

Make Writing Relevant

Children are more apt to write if they can identify with the purpose of writing. An activity that can help to better engage a struggling writer can be to write a letter to a friend or relative and invite them over to play or visit. Or maybe your child has an idea for some new playground equipment at school or some suggestions for books that the library should have: encourage them to write a letter with their ideas to the person in charge. If a parent or sibling is away at work, school, etc., they can write what happened that day and share their day with them. If writing becomes a more meaningful activity to the child, it can help to make it an easier process.

Make Writing Enjoyable

Maybe there is a special spot for your children to write (i.e., beanbag chairs, their own desk, a window seat or indoor treehouse, etc.). You could also consider making different writing supplies available like colored pens and pencils, assorted notebooks, etc. One fun writing activity could be to give a word bank of common words to use and spell, making the process into more of a game. And consider rewarding your child afterward with a healthy snack or drink! These all set the stage and invite kids to get excited to write.

Giving Experiences

Usually, the more you practice something, the better you get at it. And writing is no different. One super fun writing activity for struggling writers is STORY CRAZE, an exciting writing and storytelling game for kids 6+. Players draw whacky PEOPLE, PLACES, and THINGS cards and use them as prompts to create wonderfully rich and hilarious three-chapter stories. This fun game can be a great way to get kids involved and interested in writing. It can also help develop communication, social skills and creativity!

Kids won’t quit writing if we help them try and make the writing experience as stress-free and positive as possible. It will be hard to stop even the once-struggling writer from having fun with STORY CRAZE!

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