Girls’ Night is a reinvention of standard girls’ night in. It’s so much fun it feels more like a wild girls’ night out! You know Mad Libs? Where the story is written and you fill in the noun, adjective, verb and you have this funny story? Well, Girls’ Night is just the opposite. A saucy kinda opposite. Included is a Storybook, Story Starters, People, Places and Things cards for you and your friends to create one helluva crazy adventure.  It’s a girls’ night like you’ve never experienced!

FYI, guys like it too!

“Funny, Unpredictable and Unexpectedly Outrageous!”

The game spices up any get-together! It’s fun to add to your dinner party, wine club, mom’s group, bachelorette party, etc. We’ve even been told that it’s “better than book club!” It can also be used to turn your networking group, company retreat, or women’s conference into an event filled with imagination, memorable connections, and tons of laughter.


Be The Envy Of All Your Friends: Our Free Resource Guide Reveals 8 Thematic Ideas to Punch Up Your Girls’ Night PLUS 5 Ways To Kick Any Gathering Into High Gear!”