Mix Up Your Lessons With Great Homeschool Board Games!

Most likely, if you ask kids if they want to play a game, they are all in. Generally, board games are fun. But have you ever thought about the value they bring to learning? In this post, we’ll take a look at homeschool board games and how they can be a great way to mix up your lessons!

Value Of Board Games In Education

Most games involve some type of critical thinking (e.g., “knowing how to think”). They encourage kids to focus and attend. Games also help build communication and relationship skills as players engage with others to complete certain tasks. They teach kids how to take turns, play fairly, and handle victory and defeat─all important life lessons.

Research on board games further claims that they inspire learning, foster collaboration, and strengthen confidence. Additionally, games are often made to target specific skills. There are great games designed specifically to improve skills like logic and problem solving, creativity and other skills related to a number of academic areas.

Other Pluses Of Board Games

Most board games are inexpensive and last for many years, making them great in a homeschool setting or anywhere! Board games can be played with a number of kids of differing ages and can be adapted to fit any timeframe. They can be readily found at local stores, bookstores, toy shops and ordered online.

You can integrate a game into homeschooling for many different purposes besides practicing a skill. They help grab kids’ attention, provide a constructive activity between learning lessons, and bring a sense of fun and relaxation to the learner’s day. Plus, allowing time to play a board game can be offered as a reward for a desired behavior or learning!

What’s more? With hundreds of board games added to the market each year, supplementing your homeschooling experience with a board game is easy to do.

The Oldies

Many traditional board games that you once played are still quite popular. Think Checkers and Chess, Sorry, Dominoes, Monopoly, Chutes-and-Ladders, Candy Land, Scrabble, Risk, Clue, Uno, Battleship, Yahtzee, Stratego, Pictionary, and Scattergories.

We’re sure you can add to this list. But there are newer games as well that can be even more aligned with a homeschool or educational setting. Let’s take a look!

Try Something New

  • Trivia games are always a top choice for the classroom. They appeal to a wide variety of potential players with different knowledge bases and interests. A great modern trivia game is Trivia Crack, which requires players to answer questions from all categories to win the game.
  • Word games are also favorites. Whether spelling, analyzing words or categorizing them in some way (sometimes using drawing or humor), these games strengthen literacy skills without being overly academic. Bananagrams, for example, is a fun game that asks players to use letter tiles to make as many words as possible in a short amount of time.
  • STEM-related board games help stretch higher level thinking and problem solving skills through the integration of STEM academic areas, which are receiving lots of attention in today’s curriculum. The Circuit Maze Board Game, for instance, teaches the basics of electricity as players select challenge cards requiring them to use pieces to build a circuit that lights up.


Another new game that’s great for the homeschool setting is STORY CRAZE. A hilarious and educational creative writing and storytelling game, STORY CRAZE helps build writing and communication skills, creativity, problem solving and more. The players (age 6+) use random PEOPLE, PLACES, and THINGS cards as prompts to help structure 3-chapter, one-of-a-kind stories. A JUDGE player then decides who has the best story, according to a JUDGE card. Who doesn’t have a great story to tell?

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