Top 10 Tips For Limiting Children’s Screen Time

With so many TV shows, movies, games, and handheld devices geared toward children, getting your kids to cut back on-screen time can seem like a losing battle. Here are 10 tips for limiting children’s screen time. Get your kids happy to be UNPLUGGED.

  1. Be the Example

It’s an easy trap to fall into: you get home exhausted from work, throw yourself onto the couch and turn on the TV. As hard as it can be, showing your kids other ways to better use your own time can help them develop their own healthy screen habits.

  1. Encourage Exploration of Interests

There are plenty of hobbies to get excited about! Let your kids pick out a book they’re interested in and suggest they start a book club. Or try encouraging their artistic side with drawing, painting, scrapbooking, etc. Or maybe they’d like to come up with their own skits and songs. Keep trying new things until you find something they love!

  1. Get Moving

Encourage walking, trying a new sport, and playing outdoor games. Join in! As more outdoor activity is incorporated into their lifestyle, spending some fun time outside will become a staple versus an option.

  1. Establish Rules & Stick to Them

Set guidelines for limiting your children’s screen time. This can help them to understand that it’s important, and it makes your expectations clear. Of course, you should stick to the rules you set as well. Teach them how to divvy up their time and that there’s more time in a day to do great things than they may think.

  1. Start A New Routine

Begin a fun tradition by having your kids help you with dinner while you chat about their day. They will learn some cooking skills and feel the accomplishment of making a meal. This catch-up time can be a great chance to reconnect and grow your relationship, too!

  1. Foster A Love for Nature

Teach your children the wonders of nature by beginning a garden project. Kids love to see the transformation of seeds to sprouts to plants with flowers or fruit. Your garden will beautify and detoxify your home and seeing the growth process may instill a love and appreciation in your children for the wonders of nature.

  1. Limit Access

The easiest way to limit screen time is to simply minimize screen distractions. Don’t put a TV in your child’s room, and resist giving handheld devices to use unless they’re absolutely necessary. If screens are not the only option for entertainment, your kids will be more likely to find other options on their own.

  1. Have Kids Justify Their Screen Time

When your child requests to watch some TV or play a video game, politely ask them to justify why. If the answer you get is that they’re bored, suggest they find something else to do. This will alleviate the immediate response to always reach for electronics.

  1. Schedule Screen-Free Days

Make certain days completely screen-free. Be firm, but also allow for some compromise for school projects, etc. so that it’s not seen as unfair.

  1. Play Educational Games Instead

Get your kids hooked on an activity that is a blast and educational. There are tons of fun and educational tabletop games and finding one your kids will enjoy can be easy.

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