4 Fun Ways To Prevent Summer Reading Slide

The phenomenon of “summer reading slide” is an important concept that every parent should be aware of—especially in the face of so many screens and distractions! It’s important to get your kids UNPLUGGED during the summer. Why? Simply put, kids who don’t read during the summer months are more apt to lose skills that they mastered at the end of the previous school year. Hence, when school resumes in the fall, they have fallen behind those students who engaged in reading activities during the summer. To help, here are four fun ways to prevent summer reading slide!

Reading Occasions

Squeeze in a little reading throughout the day (morning, afternoon, and evening) by encouraging your children to have a magazine or book with them when you are running errands, taking a car trip, or even waiting for appointments. Talk with them about limiting their mobile screen time and about excessive use of their handheld game consoles, etc. to foster their discovery of reading for pleasure and entertainment. Let them see you reading, too, and they will be more encouraged to read themselves.

Daily Tasks

There might be more reading to do during a typical day than you think! Ask your child for assistance with things like:

  • Try out a recipe and involve the kids in reading the ingredients for preparation and cooking or baking.
  • When ordering from a catalog or online store (e.g., clothing, food, sports, toys, household, or gifts), let them help you read about the products and fill out the order blanks.
  • Compose letters, emails, and text messages to relatives and friends—and read the responses together as well.
  • Plan a family trip and solicit your child’s help with looking over maps and vacation brochures to determine just where to go and what to do.
  • Allow your children to help organize individual and family activities by reading about water parks, sports camps, and other recreational and special events. Then create a master calendar together!

L-O-N-G Reading Breaks

Although kids generally gravitate to video games, TV, and movies, it’s important set some quality time aside for reading a book. You can mix-it up: read out loud, read together, or have independent reading time. Add-in a treat occasionally like popcorn or ice cream as a reward for completing a chapter. You can even pull out sleeping bags and have a camp read-in, or try using different voices and help your children act out their favorite book scenes. And don’t forget to visit the bookstore and library to explore some new books! If they get to pick out what they read, they’ll be more likely to enjoy it!

Games That Involve Reading

Organize a game night or game corner for kids and family members to play board games that incorporate reading. One such game is STORY CRAZE, a new creative writing and storytelling game for kids. Teams of players work together to compose a fun, imaginative story that evolves from randomly-selected People, Places, and Things cards. Get ready to laugh as the stories are written and shared!

There are many ways to add reading to your summer. By reading in spurts, involving the kids in day-to-day tasks, setting aside established reading time, and adding fun games that use reading skills can be great ways to help prevent summer reading slide. Help your children be more than ready to hit the books again come September!

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