Top Spring Break Activities For Kids

Spring break is traditionally a time for kids to enjoy a last hurrah before summer vacation. While many families like to go on vacation at this time, some parents can’t get away from work, leaving kids stuck at home. But just because you stay home doesn’t mean that spring break has to be b-o-r-i-n-g! Here are some top spring break activities for kids that can be enjoyed right at home!

Baking & Decorating Cookies

Tasty treats that fill the house with a wonderful aroma? Why did we ever want to leave home again? It’s the perfect time to break out the pastel icing and sprinkles. Bake up a batch of delicious sugar cookies, and encourage your kids to create their favorite springtime designs. Use assorted cookie cutters (bunnies, chicks, flowers, etc.). Then get creative and have fun decorating! Bake a few extra batches and consider giving some to neighbors or friends! Wrap the cookies in colorful napkins and tie with a ribbon or place in seasonal cookie tins.

Arts & Crafts

With some time away from school and assignments, spring break is a great time for kids to get in touch with their creative side. Set up an arts and crafts area to get them rolling! Arrange assorted-sized paper, crayons, colored pencils, paints & brushes, scissors, glue, clay or playdough. Think of other activities to explore like knitting or quilting and gather those supplies, too. Or maybe there is a room in the house that needs painting or unique stenciling!


As the seasons change and everything begins to bloom, it’s the perfect time for kids to try out their green thumbs! Pot and plant vegetable seeds to be transferred outside when the temperature warms up—or design an indoor herb garden. Read about gardening with your kids. What vegetables and herbs does your family like to eat or want to try? What supplies are needed? Then get your hands dirty and have a blast! Top off the activity with a salad bar (assorted greens and veggies)—and okay, maybe some gummy worms for dessert.

Exercising & Movement

If your kids wanted to be cooped up inside all day, they would have stayed in school over spring break! Move the fun to the backyard! Put on some music and dance. Try different dances like Zumba and the limbo. Some other exercises like yoga or tai chi, martial arts, biking and basic cardio programs are great for kids too!

Discuss the importance of staying active and fit, and encourage your child to find exercises that they enjoy. They can be even more engaged if you join them! A fun activity together can be to have a list of exercises (i.e. push ups, sit ups, squats, etc) and take turns pulling cards from a deck. Whatever number is on the card is how many times you do that exercise. Add jump ropes, elastic bands, rubber balls, and hula hoops for some extra excitement. Afterward, celebrate fitness with home-made smoothies!

Board Games!

Board games are among the top spring break activities for kids! And we believe they’re great all year long! Most all board games require a certain amount of thinking and imagination. Whether, creativity, strategic, problem solving, or plain silliness, this spring break, play some of your family favorites, or try something brand new!

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