Therapeutic Games For Children – Playtime Can Make A Difference!

Playing is not just a time for enjoyment and socialization. It can have therapeutic value as well. In fact, mental health professionals recognize play as an essential way to help promote self-expression, relieve stress and promote creative thinking among other benefits. If you’re struggling to help your child communicate or build confidence, read on! In this article, we’ll discuss the ideas behind play therapy and feature some great therapeutic games for children that really highlight the benefits of play.

What Is Play Therapy?

In play therapy, children can use toys and games to stand in for their thoughts and words. Unlocking this hidden language can help children learn more adaptive behaviors when there are social or emotional issues present. Unlike regular play, play therapy involves a therapist helping the child to address and resolve their own issues. Even without a therapist present, however, play can be a safe place for children to explore their thoughts and feelings and learn to express themselves freely.

Featured Therapeutic Games For Children

Here are some fun therapy games for kids that can help children relax, explore their feelings and learn to communicate effectively.

The Talking, Feeling & Doing Board Game

As you might guess from the title, players in this game take turns moving along the board and draw Talking, Feeling or Doing cards based on the tiles they land on. Designed to be played with a group or a therapist, the cards feature prompts on a scale from easy to more difficult to answer. A simple question might be “What is your favorite color,” and a more provocative question may be “What happened to the girl who the others were laughing at?” When the players respond, they get a token, and whoever gets the most tokens by the end of the game wins. This is a widely used therapeutic activity for kids, as it can help to relax children and uncover issues that they feel are most important to them while playing.

Too Much, Too Little, Just Right

This game is designed specifically to help build communication and social skills, highlighting the fact that we express ourselves in more than just words. Through this game, children can learn how to pick up on subtle social cues like body language and tone of voice and increase their understanding of how these cues can affect their message. Players switch between acting as the Messenger and the Listeners. The Messenger draws an Action and a Message card and then attempts to communicate these to the group, who will score the Messenger by marking Too Much, Too Little or Just Right on their score cards. Kids quickly learn by watching the others and getting feedback on their ability to communicate effectively. This is a great game for groups, supporting 2-8 players.


Though not designed specifically for therapy, STORY CRAZE has all of the components to make for an engaging and effective therapeutic game for children. In STORY CRAZE, players are separated into teams and work together to write three chapter stories—one story per round—based on PEOPLE, PLACES and THINGS prompt cards. After each round, A Judge player will draw a JUDGE card and will award a point to the story they feel best matches the card. As kids work to create their stories, they may discover creative ways to express their thoughts and feelings through their characters and actions. Telling stories can be a safe, engaging and fun way to explore issues a child may be experiencing. Offering a unique storytelling and creative writing activity, this game can help to foster creativity and teach kids that it’s okay to explore their thoughts and communicate them freely.

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About StoryClub Games

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