We’re a small but very talented team. Between us, we have many years of experience in startups, advertising, social media, creative design, writing, coaching, iOS and game development. And while each of us has our own strengths, as with all young companies, we do a bit of everything, and rely on our savvy mentors for advice.

If you’ve just GOT to know more, read on – as we take our 5 minutes of fame and spill all our secrets. 😉

Marcie Jacobs, Chief Story Starter & Vibrant Visionary

MarciedA 20+ year advertising pro with a spirit of entrepreneurship, Marcie has a rich corporate background that includes a wide range of clientele like Walmart, McDonald’s, Helzberg Diamonds and Learjet. However, her lifelong creative desire was to invent something from scratch that made a difference in people’s lives. From a very vivid dream, she created Girls’ Night StoryClub in 2010, a game that does, indeed, get friends connecting, collaborating, and laughing. But one game wasn’t enough for this vibrant visionary with boundless ideas. So, in 2012, Ellen Stebbins joined StoryClub, and together the company is movMarcie_Facts (2)ing to a new level with additional tabletop and online games.

Marcie’s creativity stems from living a life of positivity where opportunities are abundant everywhere. In addition to dreaming up new game ideas, her Chief Story Starter responsibilities include development, marketing, advertising and communications. Marcie, her husband Steve, and their yellow dog Kaci Mae love living in historic downtown Charleston, SC and enjoy everything “Lowcountry”.


Ellen Stebbins, The Maestro & Dynamic Connector

EllenThrough her professional experience, ability to see connections and opportunities and her get things done attitude, Ellen is a dynamic influencer. Her journey began with an impressive 10-year career as Assistant VP and Certified Financial Planner with Merrill Lynch in Boston. But in 2004, the Carolinas beckoned her back and her entrepreneurial spirit kicked into high gear. Ellen is well known around Charleston as The Connector because she is a master at seeing opportunities for put interesting people together that make beautiful things happen the world. She believes that connecting and genuine relationshipEllen_Facts (2)s are the keys to living a successful life.

Ellen joined StoryClub Games in 2012 where she is responsible for corporate strategy, operations, financial planning and analysis and digital marketing. Her ability to orchestrate every facet of the company’s structure as The Maestro is what she does best. And when she’s not maestro-ing, you can find her indulging in boat rides with her family, sprucing up her beautiful home and the occasional leisurely lunch with amazing girlfriends in and around Mt. Pleasant, SC, which she proudly calls home.

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