"This game is great to help kids learn how to put concepts in order and develop better ideas. And they just love using their imagination. I am using this game to help make lesson plans. This is a tool that I would recommend to anyone." James Durant, Jr. Cadet The Citadel, Learning to Serve
"We played Story Craze at the Gadsden Green Summer Camp. The kids warmed up to the game quickly and felt so good about themselves at the end of our time together each time we played. Lots of excitement, creativity and hugs!" Angela Luke, Program Director
"I'm a game reviewer with Board Game Geek and I love the enjoyment my kids get out of playing Story Craze, as well as the educational value. I have fun playing any game that makes children laugh as much as this one does! My daughter says she loves EVERYTHING about this game!" Sharon Kahn, Game Reviewer, BGG
"Children's language is play and play is fun and safe for them and helps them open up! This is a wonderful tool!” Karen Tarpey, M.S.W, L.I.S.W
My daughters' played Story Craze at their birthday party and absolutely loved it! It’s a great addition to any kids get together!” Melanie Schimming
"As an owner of a Children's Party business and over 25 years of experience working with children, I must admit that Story Craze is a huge hit! This game allows children to express their creativity and imagination, which are two key components in healthy development. Children are engaging in conversation with one another, problem solving and LAUGHING hysterically! Story Craze is awesome!!" Corrie Silvers, Teacups & Trucks
“This game is a really great tool for kids with special needs. My son loves to play and it helps him express his thoughts and ideas.” Hector Salazaar
"Kids have an opportunity to improve their writing skills while have a great time playing the game. They build on character and integrity when they’re the judge. Every kid that gets to play this game will have the opportunity to be creative and have a lot of fun with it.” Theresa and Chuck Dennis, Homeschool parents
"We just love the way Story Craze get kids off their phones and gets them talking, laughing and being silly with their friends." Catherine and Hamp Culler
Story Craze is wild, wacky and zany. It's fast paced and kids love it! It makes magic happen! It is a HOT new game! Get it for your store! Christine Osborne, Owner Wonder Works Toys
"Story Craze is the funnest game ever and it can make you laugh and it’s really really fun, super duper fun." Sadye
"Story Craze was hilarious and fun! It was so funny listening to what everyone came up,with." Logan
I'm a 3rd grade teacher. From an educators standpoint, Story Craze is super exciting because it's positive, spontaneous and the kids supported each others ideas. The kids incorporated real life experiences into this awesome, creative world. In fact, my high schoolers wouldn't be so timid about writing if we had access to this game when they were young. I'd like to have this game in my classroom! Melissa, mom and teacher
"My kids were part of the play test group and they both loved it. And I love Story Craze because it get's our family hanging out and having lots of fun together." Amey
"Story Craze is totally awesome and really fun to play!" Jagger, 12
"Story Craze is so different from writing for school because anything was possible! I loved it! Skyler, 10
"I'm a teacher and I am excited about Story Craze because it will help kids really think outside the box and stretch their imaginations." Paige, mom and teacher
"I love Story Craze because I get to use People, Places and Things cards to help me make up stories that I would have never thought of!" Kinsey, 12
"Sometimes I can be shy when I'm with a group of kids. Story Craze helped me use my imagination to let out my crazy fun side!" Morgan, 10
“My name is Jack and I'm 8. I usually play video games but Story Craze is a fun and educational game and I really like playing it with my friends! We laugh so hard!”
"Hi, I'm Sean and I'm 9. I think Story Craze is a great game for kids and parents. I think kids and parents should play it! Five stars for Story Craze!"
"I loved that I could write about whatever person or place that I wanted. It made me feel like I was the character in my story, a fairy!" Adeline, 6
"My name’s Lily, I'm 8 and I play Story Craze. It’s awesome. I mean it will expand your mind to read more books and make more books."
"Hi, my name is Gray and I think Story Craze is fun because it’s very educational and it can help you in school because you can get an A in ELA."
"I’ve played Story Craze 4 different times and each time has been a blast. I like how there’s a judge and a winner of each game." Bryce, 8
"Hello my name’s Dirk and I’ve played Story Craze 4 times. Each time it’s been really fun and it’s different every time and I just love the creativity of it and just the whole game and the way it was planned."
"My name is Nina and I helped create the game Story Craze. BTW, it’s AWESOME! So I love it because it helps people have fun while writing, which not a lot of things can do."
"It’s never a dull moment around the sorority house when we’re sipping wine and creating stories together. We Heart Girls' Night!" Amy, Holly and Jackie
"We're even more crazy about our friends after a hilarious night creating a great story together with Girls' Night StoryClub." Clayton and Susan
"We laughed our asses off all night creating a crazy story together with Girls' Night. And guys, it's awesome!" Steve
"Outrageous! You just never know where a Girls’ Night StoryClub will go!" Shelly
"We created a story with the Girls' Night game that was “stop…I can’t breathe I’m laughing so hard” kind of fun!" Ronii
"Laughed so hard playing Girls' Night...it was the best ab workout I’ve had in a long time!" Phil
"We split our large group of women lawyers and created two different stories at Girls’ Night based on the exact same cards. I’m not sure which one was funnier because there was so much laughter all night long!" Lica
"My friends and I have more laughs with Girls’ Night StoryClub than any other games we’ve played!" Leslie
"Girls’ Night helped me connect with my friends on a deeper level simply by creating a story together." Laura
"Great fun. Great friends. Great laughs. Girl's Night StoryClub. Unexpectedly wonderful for this guy." Kent
"Girls' Night StoryClub is an experience that really gets you thinking outside the box. That and laughing so hard you just might pee your pants. LOL!" Kelly
"I am great at remembering faces, never names and after a night of playing Girls' Night with complete strangers - you will always remember their names! Great times - worth the investment. BONUS - host can enjoy her own party and all of her guests!" Kelly
"You think you know your friends? Play Girls' Night and you’ll learn stuff you never dreamed of. Let the fun begin!" Kate
"Girls' Night creates imagination and poetry among friends." John
"The people I met and the things we wrote. Ahem…let’s just say that what happens at Girls' Night StoryClub, stays there!" Henry and Kelly
"As the wine flowed, so did the story. Funny how it got better as the night went on… Girls' Night is the best!" Cindy
"Our “holiday” Girls’ Night was a festive evening of girlfriends creating a juicy tale of romance, drama and betrayal. Oh, and a whole lot of comedy all night long!" Cami
"Our business networking breakfast included a few rounds of creating a story based on Girls' Night. It was a different and creative way to connect with people that was meaningful….and really fun!" Ben


The Crazy Story Game that sparks the silly and wacky imaginations in children to make up the CRAZIEST stories! And here’s what they’re saying…..


Girls’ Night is particularly unique because it can spice up any get together!   It’s a great party idea to add to your dinner party, wine club, mom’s group, bachelorette party, etc. The game can also be customized to turn your networking group, company retreat or women’s conference into a special event filled with imagination, memorable connections, and tons of laughter.

And here’s what they’re saying…..