It’s the reinvention of girls’ night in!  Actually it’s so fun it feels more like a wild girls’ night out!  You know Mad Libs?  Where the story is written and you fill in the noun, verb, etc. and you have this funny story?  Well, Girls’ Night is just the opposite.   A ‘Sex and the City’ saucy kinda opposite.  We give you the Storybook and Story Starters, People, Places and Things cards for you and your friends to create one helluva crazy adventure.  It’s a girls’ night filled with laughter, connections and creativity.  The object of the game is to bring friends together and create a hilarious experience like no other.  Everyone is a winner!  

Girls’ Night is for Adults 18+

Box Contents: Storybook that holds 12, six chapter stories, How To Play Prologue, Bookmark, Pencil, 40 cards in each deck of Story Starters, People, Places and Things. Click here for more information.


Minimum of 12 games @ $12.50 per game.  MSRP $29.95

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