Storytelling Among Top Self-Esteem Activities For Kids

Parents can work alongside their children and praise them for their accomplishments to help build a foundation for a child’s self-image. Yet even with all the help parents give, it’s often the child and their peers who help to shape self-esteem the most. Did you know that participation in the arts and creative activities can be a great way to help boost a child’s esteem? Storytelling and creative writing, for instance, can do wonders to help a child gain confidence and learn to express themselves clearly and effectively. Here’s why storytelling is among the top self-esteem activities for kids groups!

Freedom Of Expression

Through creative self-esteem activities like storytelling, children can find new ways to express themselves. Instead of directly talking about their feelings and struggles, they can use their stories and characters to do so. When telling their stories to other kids, children learn that their voice matters. They also learn how to accept criticism and praise, which is important to developing effective communication skills. Learning how to express their thoughts through storytelling can help children to build their own voice and gain the confidence to speak in other areas of their lives as well.

Building A Sense Of Pride

As children write stories, they invest a lot of time and effort, putting their heart and soul into the project. Completing the story in itself offers a great sense of accomplishment. But then comes the best part: sharing it with friends! Sharing stories with peers is a great self-esteem activity for kids groups, because it gives the storyteller a unique opportunity to experience others appreciating their work. Whether it’s making their audience, laugh, cry, or gasp with surprise, seeing the impact of something they created can help to build a great sense of pride, which is a crucial element of self-esteem. For the listeners, storytelling can help to build self-reflection skills and encourage them to appreciate someone else’s efforts. A real sense of community and togetherness can be created!

Higher Test Scores

When a child feels confident, it is evident, especially in the classroom. Both storytelling and creative writing help children build enhanced classroom skills like active communication, creative problem solving and critical thinking. As they improve these skills, their test scores can improve as well. This isn’t just speculation. A study by Loyola University found that children involved in an arts education program saw an 11.5 percent gain in test scores that met or exceeded state standards!

Well-Rounded Development

While math and science are an essential part of any education, the arts help children to develop other skills that are necessary for success. Through storytelling and other artistic activities, kids can become more well-rounded individuals and improve themselves in ways that would not be possible through other areas. Unlike math and science, storytelling and other artistic projects can help children to understand that they are part of a community where they are encouraged to express themselves and listen to others. This feeling of community can increase their sense of attachment, support, and ultimately their self-confidence.


A Storytelling & Creative Writing Game To Build Self-Esteem

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