4 Awesome Storytelling Board Games For Kids!

Learning to tell coherent stories is a great way to increase literary and communications skills early in a child’s development. It’s also just plain fun—a great activity for kids to share with their friends or with the whole family! Ready for lots of laughs while helping your child to improve their creativity, communication and social skills? Check out these awesome storytelling board games for kids!

Tall Tales

Like the other storytelling board games for kids on this list, Tall Tales® focuses on taking kids away from screens to have fun exploring their own imaginations. In this game, players draw from a bag of random pieces and then have to weave a tale using the pieces they draw as part of the story. The game comes with 50 detailed pieces to help jumpstart the creative thinking process. Tall Tales® gives kids an object to observe by letting them examine all angles of it, which gives them a better understanding of the object they are creating their story around. This game is great for helping out a child who is more of a visual learner than an audible learner, giving them the edge they need to weave tales easily.

The Storymatic Kids

The Storymatic Kids® is a story game for kids that offers a few different ways to play. You can either freestyle the stories based on the cards you draw, or you can pick a story prompt from the included book to build around. This game can be a great way to prepare your kids for structured creative writing projects that they will get tested on in school. Plus, because of its compact design, it’s also great for taking on-the-go. You can squeeze this into trips to the doctor or other “boring” activities that kids generally don’t take well too.


We like Dixit®, because it helps with both storytelling skills and team-building skills. In this storytelling board game for kids, players each draw six cards with images on them. One player will act as the storyteller, and the others will pick a card from their hands that they think best goes along with the story, handing it facedown to the storyteller. The storyteller then shuffles all of those cards with their own card included and reveals them. The other players must discuss which card was the storyteller’s card. Kids are encouraged to expand on each other’s imaginations and build a world together! It’s a great way to teach kids how to deal with group projects while still expanding their imagination and story development skills.


STORY CRAZE is a new and exciting story game that was created by kids for kids. It’s simple for children of all ages to follow, while allowing them to branch out and truly explore their imaginations. This game includes elements from the best storytelling board games for kids, and more—including whacky story prompts, fun imagery, collaborative storytelling and communicating to decide who had the best story.

In STORY CRAZE, players draw PEOPLE, PLACES, and THINGS cards as prompts to write three chapter stories. Each round is timed, meaning kids have to think fast on their feet to create their stories. After each round, a player who draws the JUDGE card will have to pick which story they think best matches the cards that were used. By playing this game, kids get to be creative, improve their writing skills and learn how to communicate effectively with each other. Oh yeah—and they get to have FUN!

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About StoryClub Games

Full disclosure here: StoryClub Games is the creator of STORY CRAZE. We stand behind it as one of the best story games for kids on the market today. We’ve spent lots of time playing other games in this niche and worked with kids to help ensure our game was loads of fun. After hours and hours of playtesting, we believe we’ve created an amazing storytelling game that kids of all ages will love. And we’re not alone. We launched our game on Kickstarter with plenty of backers that helped us to go above and beyond our goal!

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