Best Writing Games For Elementary Students

For many elementary students, learning can feel like a chore. For years, parents and concerned teachers have struggled both in the classroom and at home to find a solution to this problem. In the past few years, schools have started to embrace games more and more as a way to engage and teach young children. Here, we’ll talk about how writing games for elementary students can help your little one start to write like a pro. Plus, we’ll highlight some of the best games in this category so you can bring the action to your home or classroom!

What To Look For In A Great Writing Game For Elementary Students

When looking for a great writing game for elementary students, you’ll want to stay away from anything that looks too much like school work. If you think a game looks too much like something on a classroom worksheet, then kids will too. Keep in mind that children are smart and can tell when the game was just made to help them read. A good educational game will teach your kids and make them want to learn writing skills in a natural, productive way. A great writing game will have them asking to play it again!

The best writing games for elementary students should also show that writing is a tool that can enhance their lives. By giving them a game that portrays writing in a positive light, you are teaching them a valuable lesson about the skill. As adults, we don’t just write for business or educational purposes—we write to have fun with our friends as well! The best games will introduce writing as a communication tool more than something they are just doing to get a passing grade.

Writing Games Your Students Will Love!

Ok, so we know what makes the best writing games. Now, let’s share some of our favorites with you. Here are some great games to help your child improve their writing and communications skills!

Story Cubes

This game is fairly simple and easy for children to pick up. Students simply roll the dice and write about the things they land on. Story Cubes® helps your children write by giving them interesting topics to think about. The game features several themed versions with characters that children can connect with, and you can mix and match the dice for creative combinations.

Mad Libs

Mad Libs® is a quick and fun activity for children. In this game, children won’t be writing complete stories. Instead, there is a complete short story with key words missing that they will have to fill in. The missing words will be labeled with parts of speech—i.e. nouns, pronouns, verbs and adjectives—that students will have to fill in. This is a great exercise to teach kids the parts of speech while creating fun and whacky stories!


In Scattegories®, students roll a die and pick a category to write about. They then write as many words as they can think of associated with that category before the time runs out. While children are not creating stories or practicing communications skills per se, this game can be a good exercise to help students make connections between words and categories. This helps them with verbal recall, which is a crucial skill in writing that can help improve vocabulary.


In STORY CRAZE, students draw random PEOPLE, PLACES and THINGS cards as cues to ignite outside-the-box thinking and make up creative three-chapter stories. Wacky twists and turns are made as additional cards are incorporated into each chapter. This game makes writing fun, and students can let their imaginations run wild! Following each round, one student will draw a JUDGE card and will award a point to a player whose story they think best matches the card. This phase of the game helps students to work on their communications skills as they discuss why they chose the winning story!

Full disclosure: StoryClub Games is the creator of STORY CRAZE. But we stand behind it as one of the best writing games for elementary students. Why? Because STORY CRAZE focuses on taking your kids out of the classroom mindset. This fun writing game gives students the green light to use their imaginations and explore their own ideas. The game is also simpler to learn than many writing games, making it a perfect start to any child’s education or a great way to build from their existing skill set.

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